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Plan Printing & Photocopying (Large Format)

Plan Printing, Photocopying & Scanning of A2, A0 & A1 Drawings & Large Format Plans

We offer a Same Day Plan Printing Service for large format architectural CAD drawings and house plans (A2, A1 & A0). 

We scan, output, photocopy and print;

Architectural Drawings, Construction Plans, Landscape Design Drawings, Building Plans, Electrical Schematic Drawings, Site Plans, Engineering Drawings, Floor Plans, Scale Drawings, Layout Plans, CAD Printing, Mechanical Drawings, Planning Application Drawings, Architectural Plans, Construction Drawings, Electrical Wiring Diagrams and Architectural Blueprints.


We print and copy from digital files (email or USB stick) or hard copy originals to produce A2, A0 and A1 drawings and plans in black and white or colour.

We copy our plans and print drawings on-site, so can turn them around very quickly, and while you wait, if required.

Our Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole Location (with Free On-Site Customer Parking) offers the following on-site services:

  • Large Format Printing (A1, A2, A0)

  • Large Format Photocopying (A1, A2, A0)

  • Large Format Scanning to Archive (A1, A2, A0)

  • Colour Printing | Black & White Printing

  • Drawings Printed To Scale:
    1:1 | 1:10 | 1:20 | 1:50 | 1:100

  • Reductions & Enlargement Printing

  • Large Format Laminating & Encapsulating


Why not email your PDF drawings to us and collect when ready? (We have free customer parking to the rear or our premises, making it easy to pick up on your way past).

When emailing your plans please provide clear, detailed instructions for:

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Standard Paper Sizes for Large Format Printing:

A2 = 420mm x 594mm

A1 = 594mm x 841mm

A0 = 841mm x 1189mm

We print our large format on a roll so we also offer larger and longer length drawings when required.