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Menus and Price Lists

Whet their appetite with a delicious menu.

All restaurant owners know how important it is to make a great first impression. Menus can be a tantalising marketing tool, meant to whet a customer’s appetite and entice them to visit your establishment time and again. To keep your customers coming back for more, you need someone with the knowledge and experience necessary to produce a high quality menu. Minuteman Press, Poole can create exactly the type of menu you need to boost sales and encourage repeat business. Make your guests crave your cuisine with menus featuring delicious images, mouth watering illustrations and rich descriptions of your items.

If you want to promote a special menu item or seasonal dish then why not feature it on a postcard to let your customers know it’s available.

Alternatively, if you need a price list then let us design and print one that shows what you offer to encourage the sale. Good images and text that appeals to your customer will help you to secure the sale above your competition.

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Whether you want black and white or full colour, create a custom menu that showcases your cuisine and enhances your customers’ dining experience.