High Visibility 'Self-Isolating' Vests

We hope these vests will help, by raising awareness levels around those who have been advised to self-isolate, to protect those over 70 or with medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to Coronavirus.

You Buy One and We Will Donate One to someone who would benefit, but is finding things financially difficult at the moment. If you know someone in this situation, or run a group that could benefit, then please contact us to help distribute these vests.


The inspiration for these warning vests was some of our friends, neighbours and family who have been advised to self-isolate for their own protection, either due to their age or medical conditions.

We hope that these high visibility warning vests (which are printed on the reverse) will provide an increased awareness of those in our society that are currently most vulnerable due to the Coronavirus and who potentially need social distancing and social isolation to potentially stay alive.

However...Please Note!

These vests will not ‘protect’ you from the Coronavirus! I hope however they will provide a visual awareness for our community of those who are particularly vulnerable when they are out on their daily exercise in an attempt to keep their mobility and fitness (mental and physical) or when they are attending Healthcare Appointments.

If you are considered medically vulnerable for the Coronavirus you should be following the Medical and Government Advice!! If you are considered medically vulnerable please ask your community for help! Many of us are struggling with feeling a little useless and not knowing how to help. Please ask for help and make your community feel useful!

Please remember

"Spread Only Kindness"