Layout & Design

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Layout & Design

If you would like to supply print ready artwork to us, then please find enclosed Artwork Templates (PDF files) which show:
Page Set Up Measurements, Bleed Requirements and suggested Borders and Margins.

Supplying Your Artwork Files to Us

In today's modern world we would suggest that files should be supplied to us as print ready PDF files with all fonts and elements embedded.

These days a file ending of ".pdf" does not necessarily guaranteee a true print ready PDF. So we will often process your files again through our PDF writers to ensure that "What you see, is what you get". If therefore a file is saved incorrectly and without its required elements then this will show up on the proof we send back to you.

Artwork Templates for Download

If you're wondering how to set up your page, to our print ready artwork specifications, we offer PDF artwork templates to help.

Just click on the relevant download link/s below.